May 3, 2009

What the fuck!!!

Greetings from Council Bluffs, Iowa. I have a fucking story for you guys: So I left Los Angeles around 8 in the morning yesterday, got to Phoenix around 9, and there I had to wait for two hours on my lay over. While in the airport, every tv was set to cnn, talking about the swine flu and to stay away from traveling and the southwestern states. Why they would have that on in an airport in Phoenix, I have no idea. I couldn't take listening to the tv any more, so I shut off my computer and went to the fox sports bar(equivalent of a espnzone) to watch a couple of games and drink a couple of beers. I had a little buzz going as I boarded the plane, ended up sitting next to an old retired man and we talked about golfing and which courses are nice in Omaha, bottom line, I wasn't even think about the swine flu and recessed air. Sounds alright, right? Well, the lady across the aisle from me and the old man, projectile vomits across the aisle on the old man, getting it on me, and another old man in front of us, mind you the plane's engine is not even on at this point. Then lady apologizes, says she's a nervous flyer, and she didn't puke downwards because she didn't want to mess up her purse. The stewardess asked us if we minded if she stayed on the flight, and the two old men said they didn't. So, I spoke up and told her that I did because if she's blowing chunks before the engine is even on, what is she gonna do at 30,000 feet? Throughout the rest of the flight the stewardess was mad dogging me, like I was an asshole because I didn't want to get puked on... AGAIN! I got some free drink tickets out of it though, but I mean shit.


Justin Atiabi said...

HOLY SHIT!!!!!! Thats nuts.... and just BARELY worth the free drink tickets!

Kewl Kid said...

seriously, scared the shit out of me, but now I am fine and far far away from that lady... and everyone else for that matter. :(